OCI New Features: Aug 2018

OCI Console:  New Menu Location


OCI console is used to manage and monitor your Compute Classic instances and the associated storage and networking resources through an easy-to-use graphical web console. In this update, menu position has been changed from the right-hand side to the left-hand side.

Database Service

The biggest change in OCI, Autonomous transaction processing (ATP) has been introduced.

Although we had Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) it was good for Analytical workloads and with the addition of  Autonomous transaction processing (ATP), it is optimized to handle Transaction Processing and Mixed workloads.

If you want to know more  about  Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) (Check Here)

Compute: Fault Domain and Cloudbase-init on Windows Image

  • Fault Domain: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in Regions, each of which contains at least three Availability Domains (ADs). A Region is simply a geographic area, such as “Germany” or “US West.” An Availability Domains is an isolated, fault tolerant, set of resources consisting of at least one data center. Learn more about Fault Domain.
  • Cloudbase-init on Windows Image: Windows® Cloud Images are a great way for you to rapidly deploy pre-packaged, fully supported OpenStack™ Windows Guests, including the required support for hypervisor specific drivers (Hyper-V / KVM). Also integrated are the guest initialization tools (Cloudbase-Init™), security updates, proper performance and security configurations as well as the final Sysprep.

File Storage Service: Client Access Control & Un-associated Mount Target

  • Client Access Control: Now you can control who can mount this file system, you can limit it or you can restrict it. you can add IP Address of servers or hostname of servers and then only these servers are allowed.


  • Un-associated Mount Target: New setting for managing un-associated mount target, you can either delete these mount or you can attach them to file system.

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Data Transfer Service: Data Transfer Appliance

It is a new service introduced in OCI called Data Transfer Appliance Currently (Jul 2018) this service is available only in the USA but in the future, Oracle will add other countries as well.

It has many advantages over Data Transfer Disk like:

  • High-capacity storage appliance that you loan from Oracle for 30 days.
  • Useful for a large amount of data 150 TB Per Appliance.
  • Components include: Transfer Job, Transfer Appliance, Data Transfer Utility (For On-Premise).


New FastConnect Provider has been added for London Region called SohonetFastConnect is a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting your on-premises data center or network with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Remote VCN Peering is the process of connecting two VCNs in different regions (but the same tenancy). The peering allows the VCNs’ resources to communicate using private IP addresses without routing the traffic over the internet or through your on-premises network. Without peering, a given VCN would need an internet gateway and public IP addresses for the instances that need to communicate with another VCN in a different region.

Search* (New Service)

What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Search?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Search helps you quickly find Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources that you have access to without requiring you to manually navigate through multiple compartments or resource lists.

Example searches might include:

  • Find a single instance in a compartment from a set of thousands of instances, based on the instance’s name
  • Find a specific resource based on its unique Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID)
  • Find all resources that have a given tag (for example, all resources tagged with “Production”)
  • Find all resources that are in a specific lifecycle state (for example, all resources that are “Running”)