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6 Docs Every Oracle Apps DBA Must Read for R12.2

Oracle E-Business has changed a lot in version R12.2 including Architecture, Patching ADOP, Dual File System, Cloning etc. Get this FREE guide, containing link to 6 docs for Oarcle E-Business R12.2, that every Apps DBA or beginner must read. 

  • Architecture in EBS R12.2 has changed with introduction of Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Link to document covering Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2, both Single/Multi User and Single/Multi Node Installation
  • Online Patching (ADOP) has replaced ADPATCH in R12.2
  • What is Cloning and how to clone Oracle Apps (EBS) Environment?
  • Document covering Autoconfig and how to run it
  • How to Start/Stop services in Oracle Apps R12.2