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➜ Why Learn Azure Cloud?
➜ Azure Certification Roadmap [AZ-301]
➜ Exam Topic I: Design Infrastructure
   1. Design A Compute Solution
     2. Design A Network Solution

➜ Exam Topic II: Design Identity & Security
  1. Design Authentication
     2. Design Authorization

➜ Exam Topic III: Design Data Storage
     1. Design A Solution For Databases
     2. Design Data Integration
     3. Select An Appropriate Storage Account

➜ Exam Topic IV: Design Monitoring
➜ Exam Topic V: Design Business Continuity
➜ AZ-301 vs AZ-304: Exam Basics
➜ Hands-On Labs You Must Perform To Clear The [AZ-301] Certification Exam
➜ Job Opportunities

Special Mention: A Q/A Session With Experts & A Fast Action Gift