In This FREE Masterclass, We'll Cover...  

  • Why Learn Azure Cloud?
  • Azure Certification Roadmap [AZ-104]
  • Exam Topics For The [AZ-104] Certification
  • Topic I: Identity & Governance
           i. Azure AD, Users, Groups & RBAC
           ii. Subscriptions, Tenants, Resources, RG
  • Topic II: Storage In Azure
           i. Blob, Table, Queue, File, Disk
           ii. Copy Data To/From Azure: Export/Import
  • Topic III: Compute In Azure
            i. Azure Architecture: FD, AD, AZ, Region, Geography
            ii. VM & Scale Set: Availability Options
            iii. Azure Kubernetes Service (Docker/Container)
  • Topic IV: Networking In Azure: Subnet, Gateway, Peering
  • Topic V: Backups, DR, Monitoring
  • Exam Basics
  • Hands-On Labs You Must Perform To Clear The [AZ-104] Certification Exam
  • Why Azure For Oracle DBAs/Apps DBAs & Admins?
  • Q/A, Limited Time GIFT & Take It To The Next Level